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Nile Engineering Supplies Co. (NESCO)

established in 1984 


Nile Engineering Supplies Co. was established in 1984, as the exclusive Sole Agents and representatives for Klinger Group and other European manufacturers in the field of Steam and Fluid Control. 
Also, we represent
Swiss fiber co.
And many other European companies.

Nile Engineering Supplies Co. has an excellent history in Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Sudan and Libya.
Nile Engineering Supplies Co. is registered as Sole Agent under number 3674 at the general authority for export and import control.

Scope of Supply

  • Valves.

  • Liquid Level Gauges.

  • Sight Glass.

  • Steam Traps.

  • Safety Valves.

  • Marine Services Valves. 

Our Market

  • Pharmaceuticals.

  • Dyes.

  • Food Industries.

  • Chemicals.

  • Petro- Chemicals.

  • Refining.

  • Power Stations.

  • Fertilizers.

  • Poultry.

  • Laundries.

  • Heating.

Previous Supplies

  • Glaxo Smith Kline Co.

  • Epico Co.

  • Amerya Pharmaceutical Co.

  • Nasr Petroleum Co.

  • Suez Oil Processing Co.

  • Amerya Refining Co.

  • Hesni Textile Co.

  • Rotex Co.

  • Oriental Weavers Co.

  • Alexandria Oil & Soap Co.

  • Savola Afia International Co.

  • Sugar & Integrated Industries Co.

  • Halwani Co.

  • Misr Oil & Soap Co.

  • Cairo Refining Co.

  • Seeklam Co.

  • Faragalla Co.

  • Ramses Hilton Hotel.

  • Le Meridian Hotel.

  • Ain Shams Specialized Hospital.

  • Gastroenterology Surgical Center – Mansoura University.